God's Unwavering Promises

God’s Unwavering Promises

God’s Unwavering Promises

Pharoah, King of Egypt, considers himself the divine son of Re. He believes this relationship to the all-powerful Egyptian sun god gives him the power of life or death over all things living thing in Egypt. Yet the king is becoming more and more uneasy because of the Hebrew people who live within the borders of his kingdom.

Despite the heavy burdens of forced labor and high taxes the people seem to be exponentially gaining in strength and numbers. Pharoah calls his high priest to learn the history of these shepherd people. To his shock he learns that the Hebrews believe their God will deliver them from slavery. They say they will march from Egypt to Canaan carrying the bones of their ancestor, Joseph. They will go with great wealth and with a mighty victory over their captors.

In desperation, Pharoah, his priests, and military hatch a cruel plan to prevent any uprising that could pose a threat to Pharoah’s power.

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